This website will allow you to go beyond viewing my images.  You can share these images with friends and family, and best of all purchase prints to own or gift.

      I've been doing professional photography since 2010, Fine Art Photography since 2007, and photography as a hobby since 2001.  Photography is very versatile in how it gets used and understood. The wonderful part about photography is that it allows us to freeze a moment in time; a happening.  

     Learning is an essential part of life that keeps me motivated. There are many things happening around us at all times, and we have to be willing to slow down and pay attention to learn from those happenings. Good, bad, boring, whatever it might be.

      I hope you find enjoyment in the images throughout the website. Let me know what you think, or let me know if you are interested in having me photograph with you and for you by emailing me at 

     Restoration of old images is another project I have embarked on. The process can be challenging but the final product is gratifying. Let me know if you have a photograph you wish to revitalize. 

Thank you.

Jonathan Villegas